Monday, May 11, 2009


Howdy all, and welcome to The Toony Bin. Last year our good friend Justin Cook started up a similar blog called Toon Weekly. In that blog, the site administrators would give weekly topics and many great artists would come over and draw their versions of said topic. They would email every entry to Justin and the following week he would post them all in the same thread. What came out of it was an awesome collection of some the coolest and sometimes offbeat examples of art that one could find. At some point however, Justin was called away to do bigger and better things and the site just kinda vanished. Many of us really enjoyed the idea and after lots of contemplation I decided to try and start it back up on my own.
The coolest addition to the concept is that every quarter I am planning on putting together a book compiling several of the entries. Everyone who participates in the book will get a handful of copies. Sound like fun? It will be!!!
So here is how it works. Either myself or one of the other site administrators will give a new topic on Mondays. Artists will then be invited to do their version of said topic. It can be anything. Your vision, or your interpretation of an existing version. Once your entry is complete, email it to The following Monday we will post all contributions into one thread. It's that simple!! In addition we will add your link to the artists link on the side so that everyone can visit and enjoy the rest of your works.
If you have any questions feel free to post them here or email me at
So onto this week's topic.


Have fun with it, we can't wait to see your entries!!!!!


  1. OH yeah! I've been thinking about restarting this as well. Good to hear someone took initiative!

  2. I'm back baby...count me in. I missed ya!